A while back there was a flurry of stories regarding cars being stolen and retrieved, and I figured I would write in about an experience my teammate had when his Integra was stolen.Although his car was found stripped a couple weeks later, a company we all know and love stepped up to help him: Ground Control Suspension Systems.

I had met Jay, the owner of Ground Control at a track day when he and his son came out with us a few weeks before a drag racing event in Sacramento, California, and after a few exchanged emails, he was genuinely excited to offer a prize for the winner of our all-motor bracket class - a set of coilover sleeves.Winner of that event was, coincidently, my teammate, Anthony.

Car in burnout box:

Car with trophy:

After the event, Anthony and a couple of my other teammates decided to stop for dinner on the way home, and when they came out, Anthony's car was gone without a trace.Inside the car were his tools, his racing slicks, his trophy, and his prize from Ground Control; they took everything.After a few weeks we got word that they had recovered the car roughly 15 miles from where it was stolen, and as we imagined, it was a total loss.


Car after theft:

Shortly after hearing about the theft, Jay's son contacted me and asked me to relay a message to Anthony that Ground Control would be sending him a replacement set of coilover sleeves for whatever vehicle he purchases next.A few weeks after Anthony purchased a new vehicle, he received this.


New sleeves with note from assembler (Dustin):

Anthony is one of those few people you meet in life that are just genuinely awesome people, always more than willing to go out of his way to help and never expects anything in return.Nobody deserves to have their car stolen, but it was extremely unnerving to see him take that kind of loss; so for a company like Ground Control to show their support to him when he needed it most, they've earned a life-long customer out of myself.Hell, even when he agreed to sponsor the event I couldn't stop thanking him.Ground Control is a company that has always been known for outstanding products for a plethora of different vehicle applications, but with my personal dealings with them I have realized that they care about the industry and are real motorsport enthusiasts.


Oh, and the icing on the cake, Anthony's first event in his new car he won runner-up from his respective class at Sacramento Raceway!

New car with runner-up trophy, replacement trophy for the one stolen from the Integra, our team badge, and Ground Control decal:


Special thanks to owner Jay, his son Shawn, and assembler Dustin from Ground Control; you guys are awesome!

-Lightspeed Patrick